Blog #2: Ready, Steady, GO

Whoop I’m back again. As you may or may not have noticed the time difference has me in his grasp. Nevertheless, time to tell you guys all about the past couple of days!

First off, I want to start with the Blue Mountains hiking trip! It was Sunday morning, very very early (6:50 am) and were waiting on a few people to join us in front of the reception. After the group was complete, we headed off to Katoomba. We had an approximately 2,5-hour journey but it was ok because everybody was asleep.

Katoomba is a small but famous village near the Katoomba Falls. We walked directly through the city grabbing some groceries and a coffee. After 20 minutes of walking we were finally there. I will describe it as, what I could imagine as, the small green version of the Grand Canyon.

We started the hike from the viewing point. We walked down the giant stairway which would lead us across the Three Sister. The stairs were small and steep which was a little problematic considering the many other tourist that were also climbing them. We would bump in to others every now and then, but in the end the view was amazing and totally worth it.

Further down we had some amazing almost jungle like experience. We walked on a variety of different paths and after three hours we made it to our lunch spot. The spot was great and almost the only place down there that supplied us with some direct sunlight to warm up.

After our short break we headed out and went on a 1.5 hour walk to the other Giant Stairs. We almost ran up the mountain as we did the 800-meter climb in 25 minutes instead of the advised 45 minutes. When we were finally back on higher grounds we continued our walk from that point on, destination: home.

Ok that was Sunday. Time to revisit the start of the semester on Monday the 5thof august. I started with two classes, one from 9am till 11am and another from 11am till 1pm. I must say, it is a totally new experience for me, coming from Amsterdam. The way they handle things around here looks more relaxed but is in its core very structured. It seems to me (as a law student) that the preferred way of teaching here is to give lectures with a bit of interaction, no tutorials what so ever. ‘’If you’ve completed your readings you should be fine’’ is their motto around here.

I think there is not much left to say about a normal week. The classes go on and on and if there is something interesting for you guys, I will let you know.

With only four days class a week I can’t complain. Plenty of time to get into academic life and plenty of time to travel as well. So more to see more to come!

Whoop that is it! Can’t wait to upload more photos and videos for you!

Ps: check out a few drone shots at the photo/video page or click directly on the play button!

Photo/Video page

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