Blog #3: The Weekend

Whoop! After some variated and stunning stories from my dear friends I felt it was time to get back and tell you some of my personal experiences. To start with, last weekend!

The Dawn

We were having dinner a few weeks ago when someone came up with this mad idea of renting a villa somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Me being me, I was doubting if this was such a good plan, but after considering it for a couple of days I was totally in for it. We asked many people if they would want to give it a shot and we ended up with 19 excited human beings who were in for an adventure!

The Plan

We searched Airbnb for days and found this big fat property in the middle of nowhere. Before we knew it was booked. The minor problem that occurred was how we in earths name could get there. After loads of thinking (actually 3 minutes) we discovered a solution; renting cars. By cars I mean three cars that should be able to fit 19 students. After scrolling through rental sites for hours we found two seven-seater SUV cars and a Toyota Corolla asphalt eating, petrol dripping, sports monster. Everybody totally satisfied with the choices we’ve made, we clicked on BOOK NOW and that was it.  As making plans also contained making a schedule about what we were going to do except for partying. We made some drafts about what to do, going to beaches, national parks, beaches, viewing points and…. Yep again, probably going to beaches.


Day of arrival

With a small group of drivers we picked up the cars at about 9 AM and drove them back to our house were the others were waiting to get a ride. After we waited on one person in particular (I will mention no name: ALEX) for a bit more than half a hour we finally left at 11:37 AM. With a drive of approximately 3.5 hours ahead of us (if you were able to drive the right way) we were in a state of excitement and headed towards our well anticipated villa. Driving on the left side of the road was a great experience and not so difficult as I was expecting. The only question that I’m still wondering about is why they drive left and use km/h instead of just following the English model of left and mph. The drive itself was pretty challenging as we head 120mm of rain in one day according to a local. The highways were sometimes even flooded, but good drivers as we are we kept our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road #drivesafedontwave. After a long sit and a lot of rain we finally arrived with sunshine, not only in our hearts, but also outside.

After some time I got out and did some grocery shopping with 3 others. The closed shopping center was a 55 min drive. When we finally arrived it took as an hour to get all the things we needed, don’t underestimate what 19 eat in 2.5 days. When we got back in the car we drove back under a stunning clear sky full of thousands of visible stars, AMAZING!

The day went on forever as we first cooked, afterwards started partying and completely exhausted ended up in our beds.

Chill day

On chill day we woke everybody could wake up according their preferences. The cooking staff made some delicious scrambled eggs with bacon to enjoy for breakfast. As the grocery crew bought enough to feed us for weeks there was plenty of food to eat during the day.

When everybody was done eating, we followed the initial plan and went to a national park which had a beach (off course). We parked the car on walking distance from a lighthouse and afterwards we walked under a ceiling of trees to viewing point. The views were extraordinary, the beach looked as it just came out of a movie and the wind felt as it was petting our skins. After we enjoyed the views we decided to head down to the beach and chill for a few hours.

When we came back to our villa we started cooking. The BBQ was our big friend that evening and the vegetables were trying to revive us as we were all ready to drop down. The evening went on for quite some time as people were playing tennis in the corridors, reading a book or sleeping on the sofa.

Day of departure

As every story has its end, this one had it as well. Not yet were we done though. We started the day with again a good breakfast and loads of fruit. After breakfast it was time to face the truth, the house was one big mess. So, good students as we are we cleaned for approximately 1,5 hour and were quite satisfied with the result.

After gently lifting a particular person from his bed we were stood outside the property at 11:32 AM. We drove 1 hour and 45 minutes to a nice beach with fantastic views. We swam in the see, enjoyed the waves and felt free for a moment. After that moment (approximately 1.5 hour) reality kicked in and we realised we would be too late to drop of the cars. We drove for more than 3 hours down south and stopped only to pee, buy coffee and to eat fries. With bumpy roads, a little stress and classic hits in the background we managed to hand in all the cars at 7 PM. When I and the two other drivers sat in the Uber we talked a bit about the weekend and tried not to fall asleep.

Coming back in my room was a relief and felt good because good memories were made. I took my sandwiches out of the fridge and after I finished them there was only one way to go, sweet dreams. (you can slide through the photos)

Whoop! That was the weekend. I enjoyed it and I think my dear friends did enjoy it as well. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, see you next time!

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