Blog #4.1: Mid-Semester Break

Whoop! I’m finally back. The past view weeks were crazy, that is why I’ve been offline for a while. The question that arises is off course, what is it where I was so busy with?! Let’s see…

Just for the record, being on an exchange also means spending your time studying. To clarify the word “crazy” in this context, the first and the last week of my absence were a little bit hectic, but everything in the middle was fantastic. The last week before my travels was a busy week because I needed to submit a research paper, which caused me a few headaches. The past week was busy because I needed to find a subject for another research paper, which is due in a few weeks. So now we have the boring, not very detailed, stuff out of the way it is time to talk about the stuff that was everything but boring!

It was very, very, very early for some people as we took the Uber to Sydney Airport at 7:30 am. It was already pretty warm, and I was not so sure if it was such a good idea to put on long pants this morning. After 20 min, 5 small heart attacks (because of the driving skills of our uber driver), and 3 yawns, we arrived at the car rental. For some reason, we had an upgrade, so we ended up with a big sedan instead of a small hatchback. I was very relieved when I’d heard about the upgrade because I already did the maths of 5 persons, 7 bags, and 3 suitcases for the small hatch, which wasn’t something to look forward to. With a blessed feeling and a lot of energy, we started the trip to our first destination: Minnie Water.

Minnie Water is a small town near Grafton and is a 2,5-hour drive from Byron. The town was an excellent place to stop and relax for a bit. With a petrol station almost on the beach, extremely clear waters, and palm trees, it was like we were in a movie. We were in Minnie Water for one day but enjoyed it a lot. We spent the day doing a walk along the beach and through the forest, which ended in another beach where we had a nice swim. At the end of the day, we stepped in the car to drive to another town nearby where we saw a stunning sunset, it might be the best we’ve seen on the whole trip. The evening was all about chilling, playing games, and having a good glass of wine, insanely relaxed!

Next destination Noosa! And what a surprise this was, wow. After a day of driving and a bit of sightseeing, we ended up at our Airbnb just outside Noosa itself. The Airbnb was LIT! A big property with a nice wooden house, and not to forget an awesome swimming pool. The best thing in the house was the nice kitchen living room combination with a rounded bar and two big couches to chill on.
We spend our day in Noosa with kayaking across the river to the sea and hiking through the national park. The kayaking was amazing. With very shallow waters, fishermen all around, and water that was as clear as tap water, it was really paradise on earth. When we returned, we jumped back into the car and drove to the national park. The park was stunning with wide views and hidden beaches. We saw dolphins and whales nut sadly enough, no koalas. When we returned to the Airbnb we laid down and enjoyed the evening. The day after was a full day of rain, and we took our time to take a nice swim in the rain, read a book and just to enjoy our time off. In the evening we went to the number 4 best pizzeria in Australia. The pizza was excellent, the place was beautiful, the bill was high, and the evening was delightful, nothing more to say.

Okay, that’s it for this time. The other half of the trip will be online in the coming days! See you’ll next time!

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