Fast read #1: Bondi Beach

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First of all, welcome to the new blog category Flip Flop Fast Reads! Here you can find short stories about things I’ve done in day to day life. Whoop, enjoy!

Bondi Beach!

First things first, after visiting the University of Sydney for an information meeting we felt we needed to do something. One of my four-hours friends said: ‘let’s go to Bondi Beach!’. I was like: say what?! But after a minute of realization I thought that it was a plausible idea, why not! Heading off to Bondi Beach was quite easy coming from the University of Sydney. There is only one part that is not so much fun, it takes almost an hour to get there.

I must say Bondi is a magical place. Arriving, stepping out of the bus and watching the waves rolling in is amazing.  With some flares hitting the houses and rocks around it is honestly wonderful.

We bought some lunch, sat on the grass and enjoyed the view. After a small break we went to the beach to enjoy the sand under our feet and to feel the water temperature. We figured out that Bondi Beach is also really nice for a walk. We went to the coastline and had a walk to Tamarama Beach. It was only 2 kilometers but already very beautiful. A lot of rocks and nice views within a small distance. After 45 minutes we arrived at Tamarama beach. The beach is a great spot for surfing but there was something extra this time. A group of dolphins was crossing in front of the beach! Magical is the word, what a day!

After our really nice but small trip to Bondi we headed back home, again by bus… This time around everybody was extremely tired so the it did not matter that much to sit tight for another hour.

Whoop this was a short one, see you next time!

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