Guest Series #2: Mari

Hey everyone! My name is Mari, and it’s a true honor to be a guest writer on Flip Flop Fabian, I’m a huge fan of the blog.

I’m originally from Massachusetts, USA, but I study full time in Edinburgh. I’m calling Sydney home for the next year, and so far I absolutely love it! Fab asked me to write about anything I wanted, so I decided to write about what all of us university students love: a good night out. Now, I’m no expert, but last night I went on a bit of a bar/pub crawl adventure around the city with an Australian friend of mine, so while I nurse this hangover, I thought i’d walk you all through the fun night I had. Hopefully you’ll read this and it will inspire your next evening out on the town!

Smoking Panda – 5 – 7 Park Street

Our first stop of the night was a smaller, dimly lit and totally cool cocktail bar in the CBD called the Smoking Panda. As we got there, we quickly realized that if we ordered within the last minute of 6pm, we could get the happy hour prices on the cocktails. While I was happy about the discount, I wish I had a bit more time to glance over the whole menu before making my pick. I chose a bit at random, ordering the Blue Lagoon. Vodka, Catron Blue Curacao, lemonade & citrus. Very, fruity and girly. Not my type of drink at all, but it did come with a cute little umbrella that I pocketed on the way to the next bar!

Marble Bar – Level B1, Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street

Now this place was cool. Underneath the big Hilton in CBD was the most gorgeous bar I think i’ve been to. Stained glass ornate ceilings, lush carpets and dark wood furniture created a luxurious atmosphere, yet the bartenders and patrons were surprisingly chilled and relaxed. Sure, you had a couple business-types sitting in the corner booths sipping expensive cocktails, but in my Nike sneakers and sweatshirt, I felt surprisingly comfortable. Hoping not to make the same mistake as the last bar and ordering a drink that was far too sweet, my friend and I both chose a gin and tonic. The gin was delicious and exactly what I needed, and sitting on the couch listening to jazz music made the whole night for me. I will definitely be back to Marble Bar!

Bitter Phew – 1/137 Oxford St

If there is one thing you should know about me, its that I love beer, and especially stouts. So finding this amazing bar online a few months back when I learned I was moving to Sydney, I knew it was a must-do! I was right! Their selection was incredible, 10 rotating taps and basically a book of options ranging from bitter pale ales, to full stouts. They had a few quite rare beers as well, including the Brewdog Tokyo Stout. Thus, I ordered it. The flavor was ‘intergalactic’ as the bottle reads, and at 16.5% alcohol level, the one beer was definitely enough. Thank you Brewdog for that wonderful beer and this not-so-wonderful hangover.

The Courthouse Hotel – 202 Australia St, Newtown

Our last stop of the night was back towards Newtown (close to where we live) to meet up with Fabian and the rest of the crew! The Courthouse has a wonderful outside section that I hope becomes a staple hangout spot, despite the beers being a bit pricey. Wonderful chats and a classic VB for the last drink, my friends were kind enough to drop me off on my floor and I called it a night.

So there you have it, drinking in Sydney done right! Thanks Fabian for letting me write this, and Mom and Dad if you’re reading this, I am studying too. See ya!

Whoop! Next week: Nestor from Spain!

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