Guest Series #3: Nes

My name is Nes and I’m doing a degree in Robotic Engineering at the University of Alicante. I’m writing this blog in my room, “Dance Monkey” on the background and no real idea of how to write a blog. Do you just start typing? After a few minutes I decided to talk about my first experiences here in Sydney. Before going to bed I wrote a thankful list of the most MEMORABLE and AMAZING things that happened in my TRIVIAL day. Here are some:


I’m thankful for my family. My grandpa came to see me today at Alicante’s bus station. Iam going to Madrid, then Abu-Dhabi and then… Sydney!

I’m thankful for going on this journey. Who will I meet? I am excited to know where Iwould live, where would I study, the people there. It’s a funny feeling.

I’m glad I completed the application of the internships. Procrastinating until the last minute! (i gotta change that). I am on the bus on my way to the airport, 26 hours ahead of me…


I’m thankful for travelling in such a nice plane, with headphones, tv, and ohhhhh baby, a nice window seat to look through at dem views. Abu-Dhabi was so hot God. 45 welcoming degrees.

I’m thankful for meeting different people today! 2 ladies from the States (they were friendly. So friendly. Too friendly?), Thomas from the US, Miguel (electronic engineer), Michelle from New Zealand (she told me she was a, SPOILER: not because of the fruit, but a tiny bird), Gala from Spain, Allison from Australia, & Matt and Bella (Aussies). The

last ones were my “plane neighbours”. Pay close attention now. They explained to me how the drugs are organized in Australia divided into Meth, Molly and Cocaine (the most expensive). After the conversation, I thought I was gonna land in the most terrifying place ever, filled with fighting kangaroos, mad sharks, killer snakes and a drug empire.

I am thankful for surviving my plane ride.


I’m thankful for meeting Adelaide so quickly, she was really friendly.

I’m thankful for meeting more people at the rooftop! Only 2 hours here, my room is lonely. Miss my family and friends.

I’m thankful for … I am just tired, see you tomorrow.


I’m thankful for getting lost and meeting Zen. (Chinese guy that help me out) I got lost in Sydney so bad, went to find a charger and got lost again.

I’m thankful because for being late I met with Milou and Kristen so we went to get an opal card but ended up travelling around Sydney. It was great, I saw the famous opera house!

I’m thankful for being in a residence. I’m so glad I can talk to people and make friends easily. Maybe I should start being comfortable alone. I feel like I’m desperate to meet new people so I won’t feel alone. But it’s okay to be alone sometimes :).


I’m thankful for going to the introduction day, meeting Fabian in the morning (I walked with him, funny guy, he is easy to talk to). Then we met Alex from Portugal, he came late. After the boring meeting, we met Rosie, (I thought it was written as Rosey lol).

I’m thankful for travelling with strangers to Bondi beach. Fabian, Rosie, Alex and I had a fun time there. Everyone knew about Bondi before but I just heard of it today.

I’m thankful for partying at night and going out to the student party at “El topo”. We were singing Happy birthday to the Uber driver (nice guy).


Waking up and not having a huge hangover, going to the centre even though I was tired, met Fabian and Rosie at Broadway (Alex his hangover was to bad so he couldn’t join) and afterwards we went partying (ps: I bought a book at Broadway!)


Thankful for going to la Perouse. Met David and Sioned (she’s vegan lol, gave me a lot ofchips, she got way too many), the wonderful vegetarian mushroom hamburger I had (the $15 I spent weren’t as wonderful).

Ps: I saw a sign that said that 5 people had died. Felt cool, but now that I really think about it is kind of crazy!

That’s a summary of my first week and my thoughts that same day. Australia is not bad,people are extremely calm and easy-going. During this time I had time to meet a bunch of new people, get destroyed in my subjects and have a laugh every now and then.

This weekend we went to a house three hours up north! Although it was amazing, that’s a story for another day. Have a FANTASTIC day everyone!

// Nes

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