Guest Series #4 Laura

Here I am. Back in the plane, destination AMS. ETA Friday 07:20. I’m surrounded by 3 children, but they haven’t screamed too loud yet. The kid next to me is playing a lot of games on his phone, and he’s only 4years old, I guess. What happened to just playing with colour pencils?

Anyhow, my name is Laura, I’m 26 years old, and the past few weeks I’ve been a real SYDNEY SIDER. My holiday to see my brother, Ivar, was only 2,5 weeks long but it felt like I’ve been away for ages. The hospital and sick patients seem so far away. Can I even be a nurse when I come back?

The screen in front of me tells me, we’re now flying across the Uluru. This is an important place for the indigenous people of Australia. I’ve read a book about the past of these people, and honestly, I was shocked by it. Sometimes it is difficult to understand that the world or the one I’m living in wasn’t always this free. This trip made me feel so grateful for everything that I have in my life. But okay enough with the sentimental stuff.

Australia, this very very very big country. Australia, with its fine beaches, temperature differences from 15 degrees in only one day, and incredible views. Australia, where I’ve seen a lot of animals I couldn’t even imagine seeing in a zoo. Australia, with its local people who are so friendly and want to help you with everything. Australia, where alcohol is so expensive you stop drinking immediately.

Luckily I wasn’t only a tourist here. I’ve got to experience the real student life here as well! Cooking in the kitchen of one of the university’s residences has been the highlight of my holiday. No, I’m over exaggerating but just seeing my brother with his friends and the laugh they all shared was so lovely.

I’ve learned a lot, for instance, when Dutch people are feeling comfortable, they’re the loudest people I know. I also learned that some people can’t cook, and I learned that my brother is seldom happy with the way he prepared his meals. I learned a new meaning to the word zus as well. It’s what my colleagues and I say to each other because it is short for ‘zuster’, which means nurse in Dutch. But thanks to Charlotte, I can never hear another tone when I say hey zus. I mean heyyyyy zussssss. I learned a lot of sweet one-liners from Fabian himself, for example, that it’s sometimes good to feel pain, cause then you know you’re alive. Where he gets that crap….. 

Oh, and I learned that 26 is very old!!! Like, I’m closer to 30 than to 20. My god…. I learned a lot about myself as well! Just going to Melbourne without further planning thought me so much. And of course, the band with my brother improved a lot. Driving at the left side of the road for the first time, me being terrified.., what else do you need than the reinsurance from him?

I’m looking forward to my own bed when there’s no girl eating crisps at 07:00 AM waking me up. But I’m not looking forward to losing the feeling I had in Australia. The laid-back vibe, the beach so near to me and always someone to talk to, even though it was only a ‘solo’ trip. I have the feeling this won’t be the last time I’m here.

Hey, how are you going? I’m fine mate. Cheers!

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