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My name is Charlotte, and I study law at Utrecht University (graduating next year, feeling O L D). Here I am, 16.631 km away from home. I have spent this beautiful sunny day in Sydney at the library, trying to write a research paper about how informational privacy contradicts with crime prevention. It took me about 4 hours to write 3 sentences. Life is great. To end this day in a positive way, I’m writing a guest blog for Flip Flop Fabian! Yay!

I could write about anything I wanted, so I’m writing a Queen-Mary Building appreciation post. So Queen Mary is this big student accommodation from the University of Sydney and houses 800 students. I have a tiny dorm room on the fifth floor with an inspiring view of a parking lot. I was a bit skeptic about this cardboard box-sized place in the beginning, but it feels like my little safe haven now. I share a bathroom with 80 students and a kitchen with 800 people. That’s a lot, but coming back from a long day at Uni and having dinner in a kitchen filled with people chatting and cooking is really lovely. I’ve met all my friends at QMB, and we are a cute little fam now who have dinner with each other every night, and often we go out for drinks in Newtown after. On Sundays, we discover Sydney, because public transport is cheap on Sundays. I am Dutch, so that makes me happy. Since we all live in the same building, I often go to Chanika or Ashley’s room to spend most of my evenings talking/chilling/watching a movie. Queen Mary never makes you feel alone. We used to go out to Ivy on Thursdays, a big club with a pool (a pool!!!!) in CBD. Unfortunately, the boys don’t want to go anymore, but that doesn’t stop us gallllls from still going. We also go out every Friday, h a p p y me. I freakin’ love going out to dance. We always make plans to go to different clubs, but somehow, we always end up at Marly’s in Newtown. Btw alcohol in Australia is so expensive, so we all drink this shit boxed wine.

Newtown is a cute neighborhood, a 5 mins walk from QMB, and filled with cute bars and shops. The houses are colored, and it is always busy. I often take the train from Newtown station, and seeing the sunshine on the houses makes me so happy. I love the variety of people in Newtown; gay, straight, transgender; it doesn’t matter at all. We used to go to this lovely café called Café Felix to have a coffee after a rough night out, and I had the best dumplings EVER in Newtown.

Btw, Australians are so nice, much more approachable than dutchies. They always ask how you are doing! I didn’t respond to this in the beginning, not because I was rude, but I was not used to it. So I say ‘how are you doing’ to everyone now, and it makes me feel good. Also, one strange thing I have learned is that Australians eat bread with sausage and onions after they have voted. That’s like eating herring after you have voted!! (although I could get used to that).

I have spent 3 months in Sydney, and I have another 3 exciting months ahead of me. I love Utrecht/Amsterdam, but I wouldn’t mind staying in Sydney for a few years. Even though I’m still my clumsy self by tripping over stairs during dates, losing my Australian credit card four times, having to ask my friends for food because I burnt my pasta/chicken again, I feel like whatever Sydney throws at me I’m handling it pretty damn well.

Bye sissies see ya in January xxxxx //Charlotte

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