Blog #0: Getting ready

So… time has finally come! With a few hours left, it’s time to GET ONLINE and to start with #Week 0 of the exchange: GETTING READY!

I’ve spent the past few days on getting everything ready to move to the other side of the world. Getting ready means saying goodbye to all my friends and family as well as visiting a few places for the sake of memories. I always say to myself; o boy, it’s only for five or six months don’t worry!

But getting ready also means selecting your stuff for overseas! To start with I decided to take two bags with me, a 70 liter backpack and a 35 liter bag. This combination is the most convenient for me as I’m planning on travelling a lot over there. Some people may ask why I chose a 70 liter backpack instead of a smaller one. This is why; I chose the 70 liter version because it has the same height as the 60 liter  but it’s able to get a little bit wider, for that reason I thought I couldn’t go wrong with picking the bigger (and the better coloured) one. Last but not least the 10 bucks price difference did not break the bank as well. The 35 liter bag on the other hand is not new at all. It is almost an inheritance as it goes for over 20 years in the family. The bag is big enough to carry all my luggage for a long weekend and fits perfectly within the maximum cabin dimensions for travelling by plane. Considering all of that the 35 liter was an easy choice.

So after I finally figured out what kind of ‘’luggage transporters’’ I needed the next step was to think about what to put in it. From origin I’m a camper so normally I do only take the most necessary kit with me and this time is no exception. However, it is still hard to get anything cheaply across the ocean so I might make some exceptions this time around. I said to myself; ‘Fabian think hard and carefully, what do you REALLY need’? I came to the conclusion that it’s not much and a lot at the same time, let me explain! You need to pack al your basic stuff like a toothbrush, shaver, nail scissors etc. In the clothing department we’re talking about socks, pants, hoodies etc. In the study department your laptop, hard drive and a small booklet will do the job (maybe a pencil comes in handy as well…). BUT in my case it seems like that a lot and I mean A LOT of space is dedicated to all those things that come in as, so to say, extra convenient. I’m talking about extra clothing, extra shoes, Exploding Kittens, camera gear, extra charger, three instead of one converter and this goes on and on and… on. Oh and don’t forget about the flip flops off course! I must say I really underestimated how difficult packing could be for a wannabe backpacker. In the end, with a few hours left, packing is done and that is the only thing that matters. At least I’m satisfied enough with the result and the stuff I’ve packed.

To end this first weekly blog post: I can conclude that packing takes loads of time if you’ve never done it before for such a long journey. I will strongly advise everyone to carefully read the internet for tips and tricks on how to pack your bag (whatever kind of bag or suitcase you may take with you) for me it helped substantially.

In the coming shorter blogs I dive deeper into some of the gear I have with me as well as how to travel with it.

Whoop! That’s it for this week, see you next Tuesday!

One thought on “Blog #0: Getting ready

  1. arjan says:

    dear fabian,
    your first blog is very inspiring. So, looking forward to read all next issues and hope to learn about all those backpack gear you need for being downtown under. Have a wonderful time

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