Blog #1: Arrival

Howdy boys and girls! I’m finally there.

First of all, my excuses for being so late. I had such a busy week and totally forgot to update the blog. Ok, mistakes were made but here we go!

This week started with the flight. Taking of from Schiphol Airport heading south east to Abu Dhabi. After I said goodbye to my lovely parents and dropped off my luggage I headed to security. I must say I am impressed by how fast it goes. It only took me 5 minutes and BAM I was at passport control. Being in the twenty-first century passport control means scanning your passport and let them take a picture with a futuristic looking pole camera machine thing. So after I gave up all my personal information I was ready to fly!

The plane was a Boeing 777-300ER JET. It was very stable and comfortable. I must say I had no complaints. After landing in at Abu Dhabi Airport I had a break for around 4 hours. I was thinking about what to do at the airport, but there was really nothing happening around there. The international terminal wasn’t exciting at all. The seats in the waiting areas were nice so I think I can’t complain about this part of the trip either. After the break I returned to the aircraft and searched for my seat. The seat was less spacious than the one I had before, but it was fine. I thought: ‘only 14 hours to go, no worries.’ There was a very nice English couple next to me and we had a few chats along the way, the rest of the time I did what all of us would have done: trying to sleep.

After 24 hours and 55 minutes time was finally there! Sydney! I hopped of the plane, waited for customs, crabbed my luggage and walked out. The first thing I noticed when I walked out of the airport was: it’s so cold here! This was probably because I thought Australia was always a super hot country, even in winter. A little van brought me to my address and from that moment on it was real. Countless hours in Sydney ahead of me, what an adventure!

So the first day, directly after check-in, I went out to buy some stuff for my room and to scout the city. The city is beautiful and feels very convenient. Although you might expect an underground or something, busses is how they do it here. I walked across campus had a nice look around in the shopping mall and headed home right afterwards.

The rest of the week I spend mostly walking across beaches and sightseeing the city. I visited Bondi Beach, La Perouse, Sydney Opera House and Manly Beach. The city is so big and there are loads of stuff to do so you can’t go wrong by starting early. You can read my Flip Flop Fast Reads about Bondi Beach if you head to the blog page. So with all the impressions in hand this is it for this week.

For next week there are hopefully more photos and there might be a first video as well. For some photos of the things I did I will direct you to the photo and video page!

Whoop! That’s it, see you somewhere next week (hopefully Tuesday)!

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